Perhaps you discovered ACFS Texas through an Internet search, or maybe you were referred by a friend or another agency, and you’re wondering how ACFS can help you. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You’re in the process of adopting a child, and need adoption counseling to help navigate the process.

  • A child in your family is struggling with their parents’ divorce, and you’d like to look into counseling for him or her.

  • You’ve returned home after serving in the military, and would like to talk to someone about your experiences.

  • A teenager who is close to you is struggling with school, or is having trouble with their peers.

  • You’ve recently gone through a major upheaval in your life and you need help getting back on track.

  • Life seems to have just gotten hard or relationships more difficult and you are not really sure where to begin.

Play Therapy & Child Counseling


We services ages 3+ and incorporate play and other age-appropriate activities.  Play therapy and/or child counseling services are available at all of our locations and are covered by all commercial insurances and Medicaids.  These strategies are especially useful in working with those who have experienced trauma, younger children, teens or adults with delays, individuals who may be shy to open up, and a variety of other scenarios.

Individual & Couples Therapy

We have the fit for you regardless of whether you are seeking services for just yourself or hope to work with your entire family, significant other, spouse, domestic partner, or other arrangement. Many individuals wish to incorporate their support network into services or have us collaborate with outside providers - all of which we can accommodate to best serve you. We recognize that each individual is unique and believe services should be too!

School-Based Support & Counseling


We are a proud partner of Fort Worth ISD and are honored to offer on-site services at their Family Resource Centers, as well as the FWISD School, the International Newcomers Academy. Even if you are not a student of FWISD, we can provide school notes to show participation in services and / or have you sign a release of information so we can best help with accommodations or recommendations for your success at home and school.

Want to Become A New Client?

We have recently consolidated our forms so only ONE is now required!


Be sure to spell your e-mail address correctly AND go to your e-mail to confirm this form or we will not receive it.  Once complete, we will upload your information to our system and do our best to contact with you in 48 business hours of completion.  Because of the volume of clients we see, please feel free to call us if you have not heard from us in 48 business hours!  We look forward to working with you or your loved ones.

Asegúrese de deletrear su dirección de correo electrónico correctamente Y vaya a su correo electrónico para confirmar este formulario o no lo recibiremos. Una vez que esté completo, cargaremos su información en nuestro sistema y haremos nuestro mejor esfuerzo para comunicarnos con usted dentro de las 48 horas hábiles posteriores a su finalización. ¡Debido al volumen de clientes que vemos, no dude en llamarnos si no ha tenido noticias nuestras en 48 horas hábiles! Esperamos con interés trabajar con usted o sus seres queridos.

Have more Questions?

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ page, which also contains a number of our Forms for existing clients.